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Covenant Credit Repair Company is proud to provide honest, affordable, legal and transparent credit repair services for the Dallas Fort Worth area and the entire state of Texas. The testimonials below are why we do what we do. Happy clients bring us the satisfaction of a job well done. Below is a sampling of real testimonials from people who have experienced the success of our services as clients and referral sources such as Mortgage Loan Officers, Realtors, Car Sales reps, etc. We would be honored to put your testimonial in the rotation of happy clients!

My husband and I were so pleased and grateful for the help and the tools that CCR used to help us repair old, incorrect information on our credit report and also knowledge on how to raise our score relatively quickly! This allowed us to qualify for a much lower rate on our home loan and we couldn’t have been happier!

Renee C.,  Weatherford, Tx  March 2017

Covenant Credit Repair has liberated my family and I from over a year of torment and frustration. After a misreporting on my credit of an account being 120+ days past due for almost a year, my credit began to suffer not only in the score but with proving my responsibility as a bill payer. Having had zero missed payments in over 10 different active accounts this misreporting left a huge scar for everyone in my family to deal with. I purchased 2 new vehicles last year with this on my credit and had to pay the price of a higher interest rate than what I should have. This misreporting not only wreaked havoc on my credit and financial security but my mental state as well. I fought for almost a year trying to correct this on my own, but my tale began to sound more like a David and Goliath tale each and every day. Finally, when I could fight no longer but was still determined enough to have it fixed I found Covenant Credit Repair online. It isn’t an easy decision when trying to select a company sight unseen that you will be able to trust with your lively hood and that is just what I had to do. After going into the office for the initial consultation with Marcus and Sonia my husband and I knew we had made the right choice. What reaffirmed this for me was the fact that they did not charge me for my services right away as they wanted to research a bit more to be 100% sure they could help me before taking my payment. Again my tale involves a very large entity that usually isn’t messed with too often by anyone other than lawyers. But once they knew, they accepted payment and laid out their battle plan. Within 2 months it was not only fixed, it was completely deleted from my credit report as though the entity never existed. It was then I finally met the owner Mary Robb and she shared her story of the credit struggles she endured in order to open her business. That’s when I discovered their secret behind winning the battle of David and Goliath. They have passion, they have a firm belief in what is right and what is just. Mary’s staff mirrored those same qualities each time I met with them as we partnered together to win this fight. Thank you so much Marcus, Sonia, Mary and Jill and all other staff members that put effort in on my case. Truly an amazing job by an amazing company. I will turn to you always with any credit concerns or questions and I will speak your praises with anyone that I meet. THANK YOU!!

Mandy Lockaby,  Fort Worth, Tx   March 2017

 My husband and I started as clients of CCR in 2014…It’s a team effort between you as the client and the credit repair specialist. They work to get things repaired that are incorrect or untimely and you educate you to keep everything current and avoid any further negative things. This company is an honest, Christian company and we were very pleased with the services! So much so, that I actually worked for the company for about 9 months myself. I believe that credit repair performed by CCR can change lives!… So needless to say, we definitely had a positive experience as clients at CCR! Oh, another plus is that Sonia and the team will educate you on how to prevent things in the future…We love the people at CCR!

Angela S, Brock, Texas

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As of September 15, 2016, the BBB website customer reviews page shows we have:

  • 100% Positive Customer Experience
  • 100% of Customers Would Recommend Us
  • ZERO Customer Complaints

We are grateful to be listed on the BBB website since July 2014.

We invite you to go there to check us out among our competition.

Covenant Credit Repair is a Christian based credit repair agency whose objectives are customer assistance focused and whose level of experience in credit repair continues to prove highly effective. CCR is immediate in their action to put into effect, for each new customer, the legal credit repair steps…In my 38 years in the financial field, I have not been as impressed in an honest, customer based credit repair agency as I have been in CCR.

Brookes W, Banker, Mineral Wells, Texas

I have been a Mortgage Loan Officer for over 25 years. I have had many instances in which I could not do a loan due to the borrower’s credit. I was very fortunate to meet Mary Robb and be introduced to Covenant Credit Repair. I can say that Covenant Credit Repair has helped…the people I have sent to them. I appreciate it, my borrowers appreciate it and it’s a win, win situation for everybody.

Chuck S, Mortgage Loan Officer, Fort Worth, Texas

Covenant Credit Repair has been a trusted partner of mine since they first went into business. As a Mortgage Loan Officer, I come across clients on a regular basis who are in need of credit repair and have always been able to count on them to help my clients in a straightforward and professional manner. The owner has a mortgage background and understands what it takes to help clients get their credit and finances back in order…If you know anyone, or you yourself need someone to help you get back on track, I highly recommend giving them a call.

Matt Z, Mortgage Loan Officer, Fort Worth, Texas

We are so thankful to Covenant Credit Repair…We tell everyone how great this company is. We wanted to buy a home but were told we could not qualify due to my low credit scores. After looking at credit report we realized lots of negative items did not even belong to me. We had no idea of how to get started to fix the problem. Thankfully our Mortgage Loan Officer referred us to Covenant Credit Repair.

Donal M, Springtown, Texas

Megan increased FICO score

Covenant Credit Repair has done more for me than I could have imagined. They helped me fix my credit. …So a big THANK YOU to CCR and their amazing team for everything they have done for me.

Megan C, Fort Worth, Texas

I can’t say enough good things about Covenant Credit Repair. They are extremely professional, patient and diligent with a high level of integrity! … Everyone on the team is very helpful and genuinely cares to help you get to your ultimate goal…

Allison D, Irving, Texas

My realtor recommended me to Covenant Credit and stated he suggests his clients use them because they are accredited with the BBB. Also, feedback from his clients is always the same (great service and reputation). I gave them a call and scheduled a meeting. I’ve never done credit repair and I was very skeptical. There are so many “so called” Credit repair companies out there but I’ve never found any that were members of the BBB. I was pleasantly surprised the Covenant is able to deliver. They were very open and honest about what to expect with Credit Repair. They also gave me “FACTS” and “no FLUFF”. I was also educated on keeping a good credit score among other things…when I signed up with CC, my scores were in the Low 600’s. I would definitely recommend Covenant to anyone that needs credit repair. Thank you Mary, Sonia and ***** for always being available for my questions. You all always gave a quick response. God Bless you all.

Susan D, Dallas, Texas

Covenant Credit Repair was an eye opener for me!!! In previous years, I knew that my Credit Score was better than average (790+) and never felt the need to have a Credit Repair company even take a look at my reports. However, wanting to get above the 800 mark, I decided to let them take a look and give me some advice. Much to my surprise, over the course of just two years, my credit had nosedived in the 670’s!!!! You can imagine my shock. I paid my bills on time, didn’t miss payments, closed inactive accounts, etc. Once the highly skilled (and diligent) team at Covenant Credit Repair reviewed my report, it was found that over 90% of the issues impacting my credit weren’t due to my action/inaction at all…it was on part of the Creditor. In just 3-4 short months, this team pounded the Creditors to make corrections on the reports… a small investment to make for such a great return in my opinion. I would highly recommend this business to handle any individuals credit repair needs. Well trained, great customer service and payment for the service is a bargain!

Toby S, Alvord, Texas

I have worked with Covenant Credit Repair for more than a year and a half now. As a mortgage loan officer, it is critical to find a credit repair company that is diligent in its efforts yes, but also knowledgeable in its industry. Covenant Credit Repair strives to stay abreast of any changes/policies that could affect their clients and the results they achieve. This is important to me because it is not just about disputing items and seeing what happens. In reality, that can serve to be very counterproductive if the client is going to be seeking a mortgage anytime soon. The specialists are very calculating in the beginning of their process so that they can…also keep it cost efficient for the client. They make it a point to understand what the client’s ultimate goal will be in the process. They are very time sensitive and prove very well that they are not just in business to blanket a credit report and get paid. In my 5 years of being a loan officer, I have seen too many times where a client has worked with other credit repair agencies that just submitted disputes, maybe send a letter, and then just waited to see what happened. Credit Repair is far more intrusive than that, and Covenant Credit Repair understands this deeply.

I myself am currently applying for a mortgage for my husband and me and personally used Covenant… It doesn’t always have to be about bad credit with Covenant, it can also be about maximizing what your credit score and profile…

Covenant Credit Repair truly stands high above any others out there and their passion for the client and the service they provide is unmatched. I will continually refer to them with pride!

Angela M, Mortgage Loan Officer, Brock, Texas

Covenant Credit Repair has literally saved me thousands of dollars. When they first pulled my report, my score was in the 530’s. Little did I know, many items reported were errors or not even mine at all and even had 4-5 items that were over 10-years old that had been reported…Sonia worked her tail off for me. She, Mary and the staff truly do care about their customers and when I told them my recent score, I think they were actually happier than I was. Working in the auto sales business…I can be the first to tell you how important one’s credit is… The cost they charge their customers is minimal and will save you so much in the short/long-term!! Thank you, Mary, Sonia, and staff at Covenant Credit Repair.

John P, client and car sales rep, Willow Park, Texas


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Dallas Texas happy customers

I would like to make a favorable recommendation for Covenant Credit Repair. The staff helped me tremendously, in resolving issues with creditors… Ms. Sonia has been my credit repair specialist for the last few months and she is such an experienced and effective professional. Sonia is a very nice person also. Angela, credit repair specialist, began my successful experience at Covenant and she was the first smiling face I encountered during the registration process. I soon met Mary and Greg the owners of Covenant and was genuinely impressed with their kindness, enthusiasm, and zeal to take all steps necessary to help resolve my credit issues. I highly recommend Covenant Credit Repair to anyone in need of professional assistance to resolve their credit issues.

Johnnie S, Weatherford, Texas

I found out some very shocking and sad news in March 2015. I shared my debts and issues, which I brought to Covenant Credit Repair. Mary and Sonia were very understanding and showed how their heart wanted to help. I had no doubt God was with them and I saw their craving to help. My credit score used to be 780 and was around 500 when I came for assistance. After 6 months of Sonia assisting me to figure out what we need to pay off and what we need to fight I always followed her suggestions… If you are looking for a Credit Repair company and want to be overcharged and not receive open arms and a loving heart, go somewhere else. If you want open arms and a loving heart and an affordable rate, go to Covenant Credit Repair ASAP!

Matt M, Aledo, Texas

If you need help to improve your credit score, Covenant Credit Repair is the team you need to work for you. They are affordable and will work extra hard to get you to where you need to be. You will not regret signing up with this awesome team.

Richard D, Fort Worth, Texas

* These testimonials are based on individual results and are not meant to imply or convey that the same results will be achieved for all clients. Please see our listing on the BBB website to review all complete testimonials.