Refund Policy

refund policyCovenant Credit Repair prides itself on doing the very best to assist our Clients with their credit repair. We value Customer Satisfaction.

By law, we cannot make any verbal or written promise or guarantee of the outcome, score increases or timing of credit repair services. The Client may request a refund if they believe that Covenant Credit Repair did not complete the obligations as defined in signed agreement.

Refund of up to 50% of total price may be possible to the Client only if all the below have been met:

Refund Policy

  • Note: The company stressed to the Client and noted in contract/agreement that credit repair can actually cause scores to drop, therefore the Company is not responsible for such and no refunds will be given.
  • The Client shall have been current on all payments and shall have completed all installment monthly payments in full and on time per the agreement. Client cannot have had any bank NSF’s (nonsufficient funds) or declined credit card payments. And if we assisted the client by doing or walking them through advocacy calls, those payments needs to have cleared first time collection attempted, typically the same or next business day.
  • As stated in contract/agreement: The Client shall have utilized the portal information as their main method for staying current on updates/progress of credit repair and as the required form of communication with the Company. (Excessive time spent with clients in any form of communication or personal meetings will count against the allocated time per plan and obviously reduce time spent on actual credit repair, in which case client may not get optimal results).
  • On existing credit lines at time of contract signing and on any newly obtained credit whether or not per the Company suggestion, the Client always made at least the minimum payment due on time and per industry suggestion (which was communicated with the Client), never carried beyond maximum 30% balance to available credit on revolving credit lines. (Note: If the Client acquired new credit lines on their own or per company suggestion, and the Client has gone over suggested maximum 30% balance to available credit, and/or has been late in making minimum on-time payments, refund will not be given).
  • The Client, upon signing agreements/contracts, if directed by Covenant, followed at least one of several suggested methods to improve or increase scores.