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Are you concerned that your credit report is not accurate?

Inaccurate credit reports might stop you from purchasing or refinancing a home or vehicle, or disqualify you from renting an apartment or home. They can even affect you getting a new job or keeping your current one. You may even be paying higher home or vehicle insurance premiums. Bad credit reports have the potential to affect every aspect of your life.

A recent Better Business Bureau study found that the average price for credit repair is $854 (adjusted to 2017 pricing).


Our monthly prices vary depending on your specific issues on your credit report.

How does a low Credit Score affect you?



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Are You One of the 52 Million Who Have Errors on Their Credit Report?

Summarized article from Huffington Post 03/11/2013

A Federal Trade Commission study found a whopping 26 percent of people identified at least one error on their credit report. About half of those identified errors resulted in a change in the consumer’s credit score, 13 percent of people had incorrect credit scores. The FTC confirmed around 63 percent of people that alerted the bureaus to credit report errors said the bureaus did not correct all of the erroneous information. The study estimated that the credit bureaus report on at least 200 million consumers. That means that about 52 million people would probably find errors on their credit reports if everyone took the time to check them, and about 26 million people could easily have their credit scores increased by simply reporting those errors to the credit bureaus. If you add it all up, it’s likely that Americans are paying billions in extra interest due to errors on their credit reports.

Start Here

Step 1

Know your objectives and goals. Are you concerned that your credit report is not accurate? Are you hoping to purchase or refinance a home or vehicle; interested in renting an apartment or home; or looking to get a new job or keep an existing job; interested in the possibility of paying lower home or vehicle insurance premiums?

Step 2

Call our offices or click the orange button on this page.

A team member will contact you to do a brief, complimentary consultation. We want to hear your story about why you need credit repair. We’ll then tell you how we work and how “we are a different kind of credit repair firm.” This conversation will determine if you are a fit for the next step, an important step that could potentially change your life.

Step 3

Our team of Credit Repair Consultants will walk you through our process step by step.

Comprehensive Plan

  • We prepare a comprehensive plan to address your credit challenges.
  • After the analysis we determine together that we can be of assistance to you, we will create a unique strategy/pricing work scope tailored personally for you.
  • When you decide to sign up for our services, you must provide a copy of your current driver’s license that matches a copy of proof of your current residence (utility bill; home/auto insurance; etc.) and copy of proof of your social security number (social security card, recent W2, or top portion of recent tax return showing name and SSN). We must have this required documentation before we can start work on your behalf. Other documentation will be requested as needed.

As a client of Covenant Credit Repair, we require you to stay on our preferred credit monitoring service so Covenant can access your report monthly to check for updates or new alerts/issues that might be affecting your credit scores.

All Credit Repair firms in Texas are required by law to be registered with the Texas Secretary of State. Confirm our registration here: https://direct.sos.state.tx.us/cso/csosearch.asp