Legal Team

Dispute Credit ReportCovenant Credit Repair will conduct a dispute credit report action on your behalf with the credit bureaus and creditors.  The bureaus and creditors are required to conduct an investigation into the matter and remove the errors.   If the bureaus do not remove inaccurate information after the requested dispute credit report action the issue is then escalated to our legal partners for action.

This is a no-additional-cost service for you in order to achieve results on your behalf.

In order to maximize the benefit of this service, you will need to be engaged in the credit repair process by providing responses and documentation to Covenant Credit Repair in a timely manner.

Our legal partners have an extremely high success rate in dealing with credit bureaus that do not remove inaccurate information.   As a result of legal action with the bureaus, you may receive compensation of $1000 or more.   Each case is unique and is dependent on the circumstances and documentation supporting the case.